About You

Do you find yourself wondering:

  • Why are there no good applicants out there?
  • Why do so many seem like good candidates, only to fizzle out when they start working for us?
  • How can I motivate my employees to do what I want?
  • What happened to my manager? He was great at his job before I promoted him.
  • Is there anything I can do to stop employee turnover?
  • Why is it getting harder to control everything as we continue to grow?
  • Can’t HR just resolve the personality conflicts in the organization?

By virtue of you reading these words, you are likely someone who feels frustrated about how interactions in your office stifle innovation, creativity, and productivity. You know that if everyone would simply work together as a more cohesive team, the company will be thriving even more and everyone involved will be more content to be part of the organization.

You are having one or more of the following challenges:

  1. Misunderstandings/ineffective communication between employees
  2. Intercultural misunderstandings
  3. Difficulty connecting between generations (i.e. with Millenials)
  4. Misunderstandings/ineffective communication between leadership and their subordinates
  5. High employee turnover
  6. Employee time spent solving interpersonal issues instead of business challenges

Why We Exist

To help executives lead, supervisors empower, and employees thrive.

As children, few of us are taught how to effectively communicate our thoughts, feelings, and needs with other people. As adults, there is a wide variety of emotional intelligence and skill in articulating what we need and want. When we’re thrown into a work environment, we get to see the communication shortcomings of other people and sometimes even of ourselves.

It would be nice if we were all taught verbal fluency in all of the above as children, but until such a time that it becomes commonplace, we can help. We are a network of skilled and educated professionals who have a high level of awareness of interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. As stated in our core values [Link to Core Values], we use our skills to assist people in their own collaborative communication skills because that is the kind of world that we want to live in; A world in which we are all highly skilled and interested in working together for the highest good of all concerned.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values permeate our company internally as well as guide how we operate with our clients.

Mutual Respect

Mutual Benefit



Our Team

A network of professionals in Organizational Development, Consulting, HR, Coaching, Training, and Conflict Resolution

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